So kate and i are sitting in the airport in Accra, eating shawarma and waiting for our pickup to bring us to where we’re staying, which is in a little town outside of Ho. Ho is in the Volta Region and is almost three hours away from Accra. We’re um…just waiting patiently. But the shawarma was pretty good, couldn’t tell you what the hell was in it and it was nothing like the shawarma i ate in Israel, but it’s good.

I suppose there’s not much to report on so far but i might as well get this thing started while we’re doing absolutely nothing and paying for this internet. We flew into Heathrow yesterday, got a beer and some breakfast and then boarded our plane to Accra. Six hours later, here we are. I slept like a baby most of the flight to Accra, but kate and i weren’t seated next to each other and i met some pretty cool guys that were sitting next to me.


I’ll leave you this little anecdote about my flight. So i was talking to the man to my right. He was kind of a stalky, middle-aged Ghanaian man who was wearing a bright blue and orange polo shirt with a popped collar. We got to talking and he was asking me where i was going, what i was doing  – the norm. He apparently splits his time between Ghana and London doing business and his family lives all over the world. He told me to go to his city (which i can’t remember the name of) and look for the biggest house – and that would be where i could find him. Cocky or real? Hard to say, really. But i liked him. He also told me that Ghana was the best country and all of Africa and that “other countries used to call us cowards because we were peaceful and didn’t like to fight. Our response? But life is so sweet, what is there to fight about?”

I think i’ll take a nation of cowardly peacemakers any day. That’s all i have to say. More posts will be more exciting (hopefully?)

Stay classy, Amurica.